Monday, February 6, 2012


I now have confirmation that I do indeed have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I've seen two specialists, one of whom is world famous, and they both confirmed the diagnosis.  Bummer.  I'm still stuck in the house and occasionally in bed.  I use a walker for short distance walking and a wheelchair for anything over 50 feet.

I still dream of figure skating.  However, in my dreams the rinks are getting smaller and the hindrances greater.   The last dream I had I was trying to skate on a small strip of ice that was barricaded off from the main ice surface and I had someone else's coach yelling at me that I wasn't allowed on that ice and I should get off.

I've done lots of reading and it turns out most patients recover at least partially from this illness.  However, it takes roughly five years for this to happen.  I'm coming up on year two.  I've seen improvement since last spring which was hands down the worst I've been so far.  This is the typical course for this illness.  Flu like symptoms for about six months then the neurological symptoms start.  Worst at the first anniversary mark and then a slow and halting improvement over the next four or so years.  I know of several people that have recovered partially or fully from this illness.  The last success story I read of took six years and she still has to be careful but she is now traveling the world again.  So I am hopeful.  It might be another year or two but I should be getting back on the ice at some point.  I'll let you know.  Until then hopefully I'll get to skate in my dreams again.