Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Skating Dreams

For whatever weird reason I couldn't sleep last night although I was mighty tired. While I was lying there trying to go to sleep I kept thinking about skating. I did a run through of my program from the Stoneham show. I did my competition program. I did edges and figures. I choreographed a step sequence that had rockers, counters, back threes, loops, a lunge with a three turn in the middle of it and a half jump at the end. Every time I closed my eyes I saw myself on the ice skating. I was excited. I yearned to get back on the ice. I miss it so much.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off Ice Lessons from USFSA

Hidden Training or How Noseeums Affect Your Performance

Sports Psychology or Its All In Your Head

Nutrition or The Food Pyramid for Athletes

Nutrition or Carbs & Protein for the Athlete

Water (pay attention to this one: it is easy to get dehydrated at a rink)

Dieting or Loose the Fat & Keep the Muscle

Nutrition on the Go (particularly important if you have food allergies and are traveling for a competition or test)

Mr. Edge's advice for adult skaters

Injury Prevention and Reconditioning

The USFSA web site is notoriously hard to navigate. I am constantly finding interesting things that other skaters have posted to their blogs that I've never found by rummaging around the site by myself. If you find anything interesting let me know. I probably haven't seen it yet.