Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Salchow Jumps

Salchows are an odd little jump. It is one of the first full rotation jumps learned. However, it really isn't a full revolution but gets cheated on the take off so that it is really a 3/4 rotation when done properly. It was invented in 1909 by Ulrich Salchow who won the world championship ten times, a record that still stands. Apparently the first female skater to perform this jump in competition in the 1920's was reprimanded for unladylike behaviour.*

I have been attempting these buggers for months now. Today my coach finally told me that they are very difficult to do well and of course she is a perfectionist. This is why she is never happy with my jump but also why I love having her as my coach; she makes me do things right. I get very frustrated with jumping. Things happen so fast that I can't think through them. When I spin I can do it slowly so I can concentrate on each little part. Jumps can't be done slowly. Not well anyway.

This jump seems relatively easy at first glance; a nice flat three turn entrance; a hard check with the arms; scribe a small circle with the free foot close to the ice; bend the supporting leg and launch. Why is this jump such a pain? Lots of things can go wrong. My coach has had me practicing just the three turn entrance for weeks now. When I was in LP I worked only on the timing and not the execution. Now that I am not afraid of the jump I am working on the execution. I am trying to make it a good jump; to get all the body parts in the right place at the right time. She told me that I landed a good one at the end of practice today. I still don't feel comfortable with it though. I don't trust that I can repeat the performance. I have until April to make this consistent and good for the Worcester Open competition. My coach said that it was good for adult and not too many kids do the jump well. I hope to improve it. I know I will with more practice. I will continue with my unladylike behaviour!

*information is from Wikipedia

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