Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well it is all but confirmed I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There is no cure and no treatment. I have to just wait it out.  I am still housebound and occasionally bedbound.  I haven't set foot on the ice since training in May.  I have lost all of my muscle mass and gained lots of weight.  Curse of my body type: I have to exercise to maintain or loose weight.  I can't do it by diet alone.  Right now I can walk about the length of two houses and then I have to sit down.  I do my grocery shopping from a wheelchair.  It sucks but I'm pretty good at dealing with it.  I have a good attitude most days.  I'm still writing but now it is a food blog and an illness narrative about living with CFS.  I still hope that someday I will return to the ice even if it only to do school figures again.  I still love skating and miss it horribly.  I did get to see both the local Christmas ice show and the Haydenettes skate in the Lexington ice show.  It was great fun but I slept for hours afterwards.


  1. Hang in there. CFS can be stifling to your life but you can manage it with careful attention to listening to your bodies needs. Just rest more and do every thing you used to do, in half. Then adjust up or down to your needs. Hugs.

  2. Wish it were that simple. I've been bedridden, couch ridden and housebound for almost two years now. I'm down to 10-20% of my prior functional levels. I can't even walk over a 50 feet without assistance. This has really knocked me on my butt. For many patients this resolves within the first five years. Here's hoping I'm one of the lucky ones.

  3. Hi,have just found your blog. I can sympathise with how you are feeling, as I had CFS some years ago. I'd been very active before so found it really hard to deal with at first. Then I sort of relaxed into it and stopped getting frustrated about all the silly stuff like taking over an hour with lots of sit downs to change a duvet,going to bed wearing hat, scarves, socks and woolly jumpers because my teeth were chattering and all the other physical and mental problems you get with it. It took some years with a number of dips back to get over it, but it did finally go. When I was able to I started doing yoga. It helped with relaxing and the stretches helped me get ready for getting back on the ice. I skated before I had CFS and I got back to it again. Good luck and stay positive.

    1. Your comment just made my day!! I'm so glad that you recovered from this horrible illness and are back on the ice. How absolutely wonderful.