Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lake Placid Day 6: Winding down

We managed to get up early enough to make it to the rink for stretch class. I'm bummed that it is the last day. I didn't have a chance to practice any toe loop jumps. Stretching felt great. I was surprised at the number of people that showed up for class. About 15 minutes in to it the class was quite crowded. The kids were all wedged on one side and the adults had the floor on the other. I guess we have cooties the kids wouldn't cross the center line to our side. We helped each other stretch out for spirals. The yoga lady had the best one out of the adults.

One more round of MIF practice during the free skate. There weren't any more classes or lessons and we were getting kicked off the ice at 11:30 so that CanAm hockey could have the rink. I asked Mum to get my scribe from the locker so I could do patch. When the free skate was over there was no sign of Mum. I started doing patch on the hockey circle. I only lasted about ten minutes. My muscles hurt so badly I couldn't skate anymore. I got off the ice. Not bad. I did patch four days in a row. A new record. Last year I barely made it through a 25 minute lesson before my muscles gave out. I went over to the hockey box to take my skates off. Mum showed up with the scribe. "Too late" I told her. "I can't skate anymore. My butt hurts too much." She sat down next to me and waited for me to take my skates off. Another lady sat down next to us and told us that she was going home. She didn't feel well and was really angry with ORDA for not letting us skate through Saturday. Turns out that what they did was illegal both federally and on the state level. They marketed six days of ice and five full days of lessons for $250. They gave us 4.5 days of ice and only 4 full days of on ice lessons. They even sold time after they knew that there was no ice after 11:30am. The lady said she was going to complain to the state and the FTC. She was really angry. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. I had a great time but what they did was wrong. Our consolation prize was an off ice creative movement class with Paula Wagener. This is where it gets really weird. We had a party and ORDA had drawings for prizes. Almost everyone got something which meant unless the stuff was donated it cost them quite a bit of money. So why didn't they just give back the $60 per person as a refund for the lost ice time? This would have resulted in way fewer pissed off attendants. Strange.

We left the rink, ate lunch and went to Robin's shop to poke around. She opened a used clothing store in LP and it is doing really well particularly since the economy tanked. It was great fun rummaging in the racks. Tons of stuff in there. Her daughter who also skated produced an ice schedule for the weekend. Turns out that they had been putting down ice in the USA rink since Wednesday and it would be open on Saturday for skating. The adults now had ice on Saturday but ORDA hadn't told anyone about it. I certainly didn't get any sort of notification. The last I heard there was no schedule available yet. I know several adults had left already. Robin asked if I still wanted my spin lesson and I jumped at the chance. Suddenly I was skating on Saturday morning. Yeah!

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