Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Skating Photos

The entire cast of the show at the Lake Placid June '09 adult skate week. Mum is second from left in the front.

The Dueling Scribes synchro patch team. "Ta Da!"

Rosemary skating to "Stary Night". This is one of my favorite numbers. I first saw it when she competed in the 2008 Adult Nationals.

Mum waiting for her turn in the adult ice show. She is a member of the Dueling Scribes, a synchro patch team.

Mum and her dance coach Mark during a lesson on the 1932 rink.

Me skating patch one morning in Lake Placid

My test dress
Notice the white leotard hanging behind it.
The little white splotches are ribbon flowers with crystals in the centers. Just enough bling for a test dress in my humble opinion.

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