Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Off Ice Training

Well, I finally did it. After talking about it for over a year I finally got a gym membership, hired a trainer and started weight lifting again. This is the first time that I've worked with a real trainer one on one. Usually I just get the gym tour and set up on the machines and then get left alone to do my own thing. I must be used to working out from ice skating because this return to the gym has been much easier than in the past when I have gone back after being couch potato for many months (usually due to some illness or surgery or other life disaster). I'm looking forward to having my routine tailored to help my skating. I have already increased some weights and she has me doing extra cardio so I can make it through MIF.

I went for my second visit Tuesday and while I didn't do anything out of the ordinary she kept me going at a brisk pace that soon had me sweating buckets. I miss working out on the ice. It is much cooler in the rink. I felt like I was trying to exercise in a sauna. Very weird being that hot.

I was sore today from the workout. Not bad but I could tell my muscles had a good workout yesterday. I was very glad that I had arranged for a full body massage tonight. Boy did that feel good. Well, not during. She is a deep tissue worker which means she digs into all the bits that hurt the worst. It feels wonderful when she is done. I have more range of motion now and the stiffness is gone. Of course I could well wake up in the morning feeling like I got his by a bus. This has happened in the past and I haven't had a massage since June. But right now I am reveling in warm soft pliant muscles. Time to go park myself on the couch for the evening and watch Glee.

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