Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beware of Braggadocio

Doesn't it figure. After last night saying how comfortable I am getting with MIF and how well I'm doing, today I get my legs tangled and take a fall on the ice. Weird I'm used to falling while I'm learning jumps. This is the first time I've fallen doing MIF for over six months now. Don't get me wrong, I've come damn close thousands of times but I've always managed to catch myself before I actually go down. Not this time. I had gotten my legs into a weird crossed over position and when I felt myself going down I couldn't get them untangled fast enough to save my myself.

The nice thing was I used my arms to catch myself and it wasn't painful for the first time in months. (for the new readers; I have calcium deposits in both shoulders possibly as a result of the car accidents coupled with skating falls. The calcium deposits resulted in rotator cuff tendinitis in both shoulders. The right calcium chunk melted away but the left one only cleared up for a little while after the first cortisone shot but came back with a vengeance once it wore off. A second shot did nothing and it progressed to the point where I had serious trouble dressing myself.) Thank you Zack!! He has been burning moxa on my shoulder and for some reason it works. Weird acupuncture trick

I did one killer centered spin. It was really long. I had to come out of it because I was too dizzy not because I was running out of momentum. Yeah! I need more of those.

I was also very happy with my waltz jumps. My coach is trying to reinvent me on these. I told her last night that she has her work cut out for her when it comes to me and jumps. I'm chicken is the root of it coupled with 30+ years of bad technique so she really needs to start from scratch with me. I've decided to start practicing the half flip. If I chicken out with the toe loop on my test in three weeks I can sub in the half flip.

Half flip demo

Full flip demo: included because it has better instruction

Waltz jump demo

Toe loop demo: on a good day I'm barely doing a single

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