Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lake Placid day 0

I haven't written lately since it has been more of the same. Lots of practice. My teacher is finding fewer technical errors though. She is resorting to fixing my presentation now. Not bad! I am ready to test! But in the meantime onto my adventures in Lake Placid.......

I finally got here. What a long ride. I actually resorted to drinking vending machine coffee on the trip out here. I haven't drunk that since I left my job at the Sears garage 25+ years ago. Yucko! I haven't slept well this past week since I was so excited about coming here. I would wake up in the middle of the night and do nothing but think about skating out here. I am totally exhausted but very happy I am finally here.

I only have the preliminary schedule so far. My favorite jump coach doesn't seem to be teaching group lessons this year. I'll just have to take more lessons from Robin. There are more turn classes this year; 3 turns, brackets, rockers, counters etc. I am going to have a go at all of them. There seems to be only one MIF class. I can't see how they are going to teach five patterns in 25 minutes. That leaves only five minutes per pattern. This is going to be interesting.

Still have no idea what off ice classes there are yet. Nothing was listed. Also Friday was blank. Registration isn't until tomorrow night so I won't really know what is going on until then. Of course the entire thing is subject to change daily.

I'm off to Loon Lake tomorrow to spend the day with family. Hopefully the rain stops so that I can go kayaking. I love kayaking.

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