Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lake Placid Day 1; Evening Skate

After the reception we had open ice until 9pm. After looking at the weird schedule I had I decided that it would be best to practice my MIF during the open skate. I had just watched the Zamboni do a double cut of the ice. This is the first time I have ever witnessed this. Apparently at LP they do a double cut after a hockey game to prep the ice for the figure skaters. This results in a nice smooth sheet of ice sans ruts! It was a great sheet to be out on. Nice and smooth! If I ever learn how to make ice I am going to learn it from these guys in LP. They do a wonderful job.

I donned my skates and onto the ice I went. I skated hard! I was excited and full of energy. I knew that I would pay for this but I needed to release the pent up energy. I ran through my moves and then started to do some freestyle. I tried a spin and the first one I did was centered. What a surprise! I did a couple of more with really long hang time. I looked over at my mom who was watching from the hockey booth and two other skaters gave me the thumbs up and yelled that I did a great spin. That made me smile and made me proud. Back home I'm not a great skater compared to the other adults I skate with. They are way ahead of me. Now here I was getting compliments from the other skaters.

It was getting close to the end of the session so I looked at my mom and made sure I caught her eye. I did a lovely Spread Eagle into an Ina Bauer. I was showing off. She was smiling. I got off the ice and I had yet another skater tell me "it is a real pleasure watching you skate". My head is getting big already and it is only the first day!

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