Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting on my freak bus

I have been sick for most of the last month. I've had two colds which resulted in two lung infections and an ear infection. I'm done with my meds but still wake myself up with coughing fits. While I feel about 80% of normal I decided to get back on the ice. It isn't pretty. I have no strength, stamina and my balance is questionable. I last about 30 minutes total before being pooped and I can only do one maybe two short spins before I am too dizzy to continue at all. Now I am talking about competing in the Worcester Open in April and I need to drastically improve my Salchow to do it and I can't practice. Prior to the colds I was on the ice fours hours a week and in the gym weight lifting and doing cardio for another two hours a week. Currently I've managed three half hour on ice session doing mostly patch and edge work. At least I could do three turns this week. Last week even those were making me dizzy. Best I could do this week was a four rev spin. Anything longer than that sent the rink swirling around me. So I am on my freak bus. I want to skate and I'm going into withdrawal. I want to practice. I want to get back to weight lifting. I need to do cardio to get my lung capacity back. But mostly I want to spin. I love spinning. Patience. I need patience.

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