Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Great Skating Day

I have been on the ice twice since my last blog. I have tried spinning. Since I had my left blade moved I wasn't sure how this would go. I have a mixed report. I seem to have my scratch spins back. They are occasionally centered and very fast and long. I haven't been able to do a decent camel since the change but this has always been my least consistent spin anyway. My sit spins don't seem to be very good either but I have managed several multi-revolution spins in the correct position. They will come back with practice. The most improvement I've seen are with my three turns which are coming along wonderfully and jumps.

I had a great jumping day today. I worked on waltz jumps with my coach today. She had me mucking with the take off, both the length of the edge and when and how I actually launch into the air. Since I was changing things my timing kept getting thrown off. When I explained this to her she just smiled at me and told me that she was very happy with my jumps today; that I was actually jumping and that they were very good. She NEVER says that! I was SO Happy!! When I talked with my skating buddy she told me that they looked really good and that I was getting good height and distance with it. After this I went to putter on my own and landed several Salchows. They aren't good yet but I'm not afraid of them anymore. I need to do then on lesson with my coach. I am loosing speed so that my landing is slow to stopped. I think I need more speed on the entrance and also more knee bend on the take off. I seem to have the timing down. I am happy that I am at a point where I am comfortable enough to start working on it on lesson. I can hardly wait. I am so excited!!

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