Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spin lessons in Lake Placid

Over Christmas, I got to skate up in Lake Placid which is always a pleasure. This time I was surprised at how few people there were on the ice. Apparently this is normal. There are not a lot of skaters that are seriously training up there. I don't know why since ice is cheap and there are some great coaches up there. I guess they aren't high level enough to attract the serious skaters. It is a great place for intermediate level people though. Anyway, I got three days on the ice and a spin lesson. I got to show off my camel sit for my Mom which thrilled me to pieces. I learned a few extra tricks for the back spin but the most important exercises I learned for the camel and back spin were straight line work. For the back spin you start going backward in the loop take off position with the arms in an L as if you were going into a backspin. Now as you travel in a dead straight line you pull your arms and free leg into the back spin position and hold it. Think this is easy? Try it. I found I would tip my shoulder just slightly and I was off on a curve. It took me numerousl trys to stay traveling in a straight line. Then we tried the same thing for the camel. Do a back spiral in a straight line. I still can't do this one and I've been trying for weeks. Weird thing is I have been doing forward spirals for two years now and have no trouble traveling the length of the rink on either foot in a straight line but backwards? No way. Not happening. This proved to me how tipped over I was in the spin. No wonder it doesn't work most of the time. I'm getting into some wierd contorted postion. I'll get it eventually but it is going to take a lot more practice.

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